About Me

I am a girls girl. And elderly millennial. If you have found your way to this page you probably already know that. What you might not know is how hardcore I am about fashion and clothing. 

I’m obsessed with the universal threads every human on earth shares and how each of us has a story. One way to tell those stories is through words but the best way to speak to folks without saying a word is through your fashion choices. 

And in addition us having stories I believe that vintage clothing has it’s own unique history. Every time I pick up a garment I’m transported into thinking about where the clothes have been…why the brands no longer exist…what was going on in the world that required working women to wear a 3 inch shoulder pad and solid gold clip on earrings? While some of those answers will always remain unanswered reselling vintage clothing to yall can at least help answer what destiny awaits the clothing you fall in love with and give new life via your closet. 

I am an internationally published journalist, professional storyteller, fashion enthusiast and yogi (certified teacher and practitioner) the combination of these things make me completely consumed by the human condition. 

 think we are a society of overconsumption who have been reduced to destroying our planet and destroying each other. And even though the economy is in the toilet and none of us will ever own a home…I hope to create small pockets of joy through fun fancy or practical garments Ive hand selected and served up on this website.