Built Different: What to Expect from this Brand

I built this website over the last week and it nearly broke my brain. As a journalist I worked as a copywriter for the last 5 years and it was adjacent to government agencies so I had to keep things pretty tame. I have zero intention of doing that with this brand. Seeing perfect and beige aesthetics are very boring for me and I want everyone to have a Kiki while window shopping with the hope something captures your heart and mind. 

Full transparency I come across challenges with ADHD a huge reason why actually uploading my enormous collection has taken so long. Executive Dysfunction and vintage curation do not really mix but I came up with a solution. 

I’ve lumped all pieces into their own categories and themed collection drops. You will see some of those names and ideas here and some await you! This helped enormously when I was feeling overwhelmed and allowed me the inspiration for this debut collection, Blue Jean Babies. 

Today is the opening of the Lions Gate Portal so I feel like all the obstacles to get here happened so that I’d be ready just in time to manifest all the magic I’m dropping on this here page. 

My slogan is “I really wanna see you”…one because I absolutely do NEED to see y’all in these pieces …but two it’s from a George Harrison song “My Sweet Lord” which honestly changed the chemistry of my molecular cells. 

Music is a huge influence for me and I download a lot of intuitive information from it hence why many of my collection names are also music inspired.