Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency 


Ok so I have gone back in forth in my head about this for months. But my gut says to share it so…I think that some pieces are overpriced for folks. I know many people but in bulk and the bins so the trauma and labor of that experience alone may merit the price tag…Initially I tried to price similarly but every time I did my heart kind of sank. If I was you and I was looking at something with too high a price I’d absolutely tell me to fuck off. 

Pricing was so hard in the beginning bc I wanted to make a profit but I could not in good faith charge 178 for a coffee stained musty ripped vintage  t-shirt. Of course if something is super rare or popular it may have a slightly higher price point. However.. I will not charge more than 5-7x the original price. I don’t do the Goodwill Outlet often bc it’s too chaotic and I have no executive function so I end up buying WAY more than I need or have space for.

Most of my pieces are purchased around $5-10. When I started thrifting in Portland it was a shock bc it was soooo much more overpriced and worn out than East Coast goodies and I foolishly operated in a scarcity mindset hoarding any and every piece I came across. Some of those pieces are marked at only 3x their price and still coming in under $100.  Ive since let go of this and understand that clothes are EVERYWHERE and in abundance. I think whatever I encounter and get is sent from the universe for me to deliver to whoever hits add to cart.

So TLDR I try to stay under $100 on most items and the average pricing will hover around $38-$78 (with promo codes available and newsletter subscriber promos). These prices include the 3-5 hours I spend in the thrift store…the 2-4 hours spent washing the clothing and the 5-7 hours a day spent photographing…researching…pricing and posting.

Each piece has been carefully curated and selected for resale with intention. And after a cleaning treatment they are blessed and saged for sale. If an item goes beyond the $100 price point it’s super rare, quality or a piece im choosing to surrender.